Gender Hacking Party

In December 2016 TU Delft Feminists brought artists and engineers together to help each other hack gender in their professions.  The result was an incredible evening and brainstorm session.  That formed the beginning of the ‘Melissa and Prometheus Project’.

Here’s the invitation:

“Professions have a gender too, as much as human bodies do. But should professions have such strict gender roles and what does that mean for technology and engineering? What if we ‘hack’ gender in our fields, will that lead to better science? There are many arguments that support this, (what do you think?) But how to hack? Well, we propose to build a bridge between the gender binaries by throwing art into the mix with science and technology to prove that professions have a lot more in common than we think. This process will culminate in a spectacular event next year to explore the impact of technology on our world and to invent a new way forward.

The last time this happened was in 1920, when students of the TU Delft made an open-air opera to express their fears and hopes for the industrial revolution. The play was published in global newspapers, and the Dutch train-company even had to add trains to move masses of people interested in the spectacle. Our event can likewise become an opportunity to describe the new realities we are facing and give voice to our visions and concerns for the future of technology.

We strongly believe that by going beyond stereotypes and chromosomes we can share a truly innovative and groundbreaking vision with the public. This is an open call of interest. We need you to come join in! Bring your work, concerns, fascination, your technology proposal, dissertation or graduation project to the table. The performance will be based on and led by our interests as students, researchers, academics here in Delft. Many engaging and talented artists are interested in working with us to express our position to the world at large. What better way to meet each other and start it all off than with a party! Join fellow engineers, scientists. nerds, artists, hackers and visionaries on the 14th of December for our gender hacking party!



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