Banquet for Gender Equity

Last year on the 27th of October TU Delft Feminists organized a faculty wide banquet with over 50 attendees. A great mix of people and positions within the faculty from full professors to researchers, and PhDs to bachelor and master students were present.  After feasting together, three presentations were given by Professor Elsinga, Associate Professor Komossa and Assistant Professor Rocco illustrating the issues challenging gender equity on campus, in the fields related to Architecture and the Built Environment, and in culture. Afterwards people gathered together around cabaret style tables by candle light to discuss the framing of the issues and propose practical approaches to dealing with biases and under representation from everything from education to administration. The results will be presented to the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture on the 8th of March 2017.

Here’s the call out:
We made it! We now have a gender balance in the number of students choosing to study at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Negative myths of the not so distant past have been debunked, there is no cognitive difference between the sexes. We know now for certain that it is individual aptitude that determines talent and ability.
Yet still barriers to reward, access and acknowledgement remain. There is a tangible gender imbalance in power and representation that permeates academia and our respective fields. We invite you to come and think about gender equity with us, discuss, brainstorm and propose solutions. We are certain that overcoming these last hurdles will
benefit all of us, while greatly strengthening our faculty, our university and professions as a whole.


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