Architecture students: “It’s time for change. Stop wasting talent.” – an open manifesto –

The 8th of March 2017 at International Women’s day, the grassroots organisation TU Delft Feminists exists one year. Within this year students and staff from TU Delft have built a strong network and informed themselves about intersectional feminism and the need for inclusion in society and the education.

In May 2016 the dean of TU Delft’s Faculty Architecture and the Built Environment  Peter Russell made a promise to support the cause of equal opportunity, inclusion, fair representation and diversity. Until now not much is done or even changed.

Reason for the students to write him an open letter:

“Dear Dean” an open Manifesto for Change

We’d like Diversity  and Gender Awareness to be a focus point of every department from design, to theory and history, to computing and math.

Or read at ArchiNed


One thought on “Architecture students: “It’s time for change. Stop wasting talent.” – an open manifesto –

  1. Dear TU Delft feminists, I want to say what a great and courageous collective task you have taken on, and to commend you on your incredibly eloquent letter to the Dean of Architecture, Professor Peter Russell on International Women’s Day. You may not be aware, but the Chair of Architectural Theory in your department was advertised last year, and the selection committee eventually put my name forward for consideration for this role. With my colleagues at KTH School of Architecture, I have recently convened: Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies, the 13th International conference of the AHRA (Architectural Humanities Research Association) with a Routledge book forthcoming; and I am the director of Critical Studies in Architecture, well known for delivering studios, seminars, lectures to students of architecture since 2008 that are dedicated to architecture and gender. Sadly, the appointment process for the Char of Architectural Theory has been stalled indefinitely (having been informed last September that the selection committee had put my name forward, I have subsequently received no ‘formal’ notification of the process, only informal innuendo). Personally, I can’t help but think gender has a little something to do with the situation as it stands, and an article such as this in The Guardian, as well as your own discussion of unconscious bias explains why I might be justified in this sneaking suspicion:;
    Feel free to email me at my KTH email [], should you want to know more, and in case you want to see what my application to the position of Chair of Architectural Theory looked like, a role to which I would have brought an emphasis on adequate gender representation, appropriate citational practices, alternative approaches to design practice, theory and the history of ideas in architecture, and so forth. Now, sadly, I am concerned that TU Delft would not, after all, have provided a collegial workplace. A letter such as your own offers courage and hope for future women, and other minorities, in architecture.
    Well done!
    Dr Hélène Frichot, Director Critical Studies in Architecture, KTH Stockholm

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