Who are TU Delft Feminists?

TU Delft Feminists are a grassroots and horizontal organization for intersectional feminism led by students, PhDs and researchers at the TU Delft. We welcome all allies and wish to show solidarity with other like minded groups and projects. Our primary audience is the entire Campus of the TU Delft. Our focus lies especially on the different technical fields represented at our University.

With the TU Delft Feminists we attempt to unite people, male,female and all genders beyond and in between on the topic of intersectional feminism in STEM. (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) We encourage you to join if you are interested in and concerned with gender equity and diversity but also everything else feminist from theory and philosophy to history to story telling and action.

Please join us!

We are always looking for people who are interested. If you have a nice idea and want help organizing events or want to participate in any other way, we are there for you. Just send us an email!

Email: tudelftfeminists@gmail.com

TU Delft Feminists Facebook Group

For our documents and readers on different topics check out our issue page


Mission Statement

a work in progress

Meaningful engagement with fem­inism is incredibly enriching. This can be as a tool for achieving gender equity, overcoming misogyny in explicit and implicit forms, but also in a broader sense, in terms of theory, thought, analysis, knowledge, history, as an empowering way of living with one another and beyond. At the core of contemporary feminism is the no­tion of intersectionality. The concept of Intersectionality was first coined in 1989 by Black legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw. Intersectionality simply entails that every individual in society is positioned at the intersection of multiple categories (the ‘trifectra’ of gender, race and class; but also age, body-type, sexual orientation, physical ability and so forth) and is conditioned to social advantages and disadvantages accordingly. In other words, instead of examining gender, race, and class as separate systems, intersectionality treats these as inter­connected and ‘intersecting. Being intersectional means we acknowledge that people do not just have one iden­tity, one set of obstacles or one kind of feminism. People can find their reasons and foundations for feminism in different cultures and backgrounds. Diversity is essential for the health and integity of organizations, debates and movements. We aim to be as in­clusive and welcoming as possible.

Humor, hospitality, good research and affirmative direct action are our chosen modes of engagement and disarmament.

Affinity and Empowerment

Our first goal is to end isolation. We wish to unite people and empow­er one another. We will do this by establishing platforms for people interested in intersectional feminism, diversity and gender equity to find and support one another. From these platforms we wish to encourage and establish lively discussions, story sharing, exchange of ideas and cre­ative opportunities for action guided by/built on interest among our mem­bers. Next to space for thought, action and discussion we see the practices of self-care, celebration and mutual encouragement as equally important. From this supportive place of affini­ty, we can move to raise awareness, empower others and gain allies. Safety is in numbers. Together we are stronger.

We aim to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

Dialogue and action

We aim to create space for dialogue with those who are unfamiliar with (intersectional) feminism, are misin­formed or feel alienated from it. We aim to do this in a welcoming, infor­mative, inclusive and playful way. Humor, hospitality, good research and affirmative direct action are our chosen modes of engagement and disarmament.

We do not see individuals as the root of misogyny, racism, homophobia, is­lamophobia or any other form of dis­crimination. We recognize that this is a systemic issue, ingrained in society, culture and our institutions. We can therefore only truly change things together, collectively, and we need to be accountable for this change.

We recognize that none of us are exclusive owners of truth and no one is pure or perfect. If there is conflict we aim to deal with this as allies, if this fails then through mediation. Polarization is a caricature and leads to rehearsed and rhetorical dance, we refuse this position. We recognize the absurdity of such games that keep everything the same and we laugh. We aim to be specific, real and sup­portive.

We will NOT be the good people who did nothing, we will do something.

By raising awareness, we give individ­uals and groups a choice they did not have before. By creating platforms and initiatives we can provide oppor­tunities for change. Changing policy is important but it is not enough, we aim to move beyond the institution­al level and change culture through building a broad popular movement on campus and beyond?

Changing Academic and Professional Cultures

Inclusion and fair representation in the way we convey history to the presence of role models on the work floor are essential. We aim to change academic and professional cultures to make them friendly, just, open minded and truly welcome cultures for diversity. This means providing an atmosphere where we can find the solutions together without fear and where our prejudices do not hinder us. This means ending silence on systemic sexism such as harassment and tackling implicit and explicit bias that negatively affect people of all backgrounds in academia, science, design, engineering, technology and all our varying fields of research. But it also means doing things differently and rethinking our ways of doing. It means embracing mystery, the excitement of innovation, the untold histories of humanity. It means the promise of new worlds, new methods and new ideas. It also means embrac­ing failure as learning, to ensure suc­cess. We believe that feminism offers us all, regardless of our background, a powerful instrument to do so.


Finally, we aim to help to achieve equity in representation, in pay, and opportunity for everybody.