Monthly Pot Lock Dinners

Every second Wednesday of the month TU Delft Feminists will meet to eat and drink together, to bring whatever we like to discuss to the table, to keep up with ongoing actions and to find and support one another. Bring food and or wine to share for a pot luck dinner.

April Session: Due to the busy deadline and exam period, the next meeting will be a little later this month so more of us can make it, taking place on Wednesday the 26th of April from 7pm to 10pm. You can find the event here.

All bodies and (non)genders are welcome! Please let us know if there is anything you’d like to discuss and we can add it to the agenda.

Book Club

If you are interested to learn more and discuss the topic of feminism with fellow  students/colleagues, the book club is for you!

We’re created an open group at goodreads, so you here you can find more info on the book of the moment!

This book club was created to provide a platform for sharing and discussing books, and for planning offline meetings. Feel free to start a discussion and to add more relevant books to the group bookshelf.


Click here to load it in a new tab – I still need to figure out how to load the events directly here, tsss.