Diversity Talks

Let’s talk diversity!

Diversity Talks is a series of free events that provides an open space to discuss and better understand diversity and inclusion. We will explore aspects of diversity within the context of science, technology and education as well as the work we do here as students, staff and management.

This series of events are made possible by Studium Generale, DEWIS (Delft Women in Science), True-U (LGBT-network), TU Delft Diversity & Inclusion Office, X TU Delft and the TU Delft Feminists.

On this page we’ll publish all the outcomes and videos of this series.

11th of October 2018
Diversity Talks #1: dr Aminata Cairo
“Coming Out For Who We Are”

Stay tuned for the next talk:
29th of October 2018
Diversity Talks #2 about the implicit bias