Recommended Youtubers

Feminists from the TU Delft Feminists and Feminist Club Amsterdam shared names of their favorite youtubers. Special thanks to Tirsa With’s contribution. Check it out!

Ahsante the Artist – feminism, education
Ashley Mardell – feminism, LGBTQ
Ashley Wylde – trans rights
Cecile Emeke – interviews about race & gender
Ceedling – feminism
Chescaleigh – racism sexism
Claudia Boleyn – social justice
Contrapoints – Sex, drugs, and social justice.
Felicia Ngwube – mental health, black women
For Harriet – black feminism
Grada Kilomba – decolonial artist
Hannah Witton – feminism, sex positivity
Jessica Kellgren-Frozard – disabilities and chronic illnesses
Jouelzy – black feminist
Kat Blaque – Lgbtq+ anti-racism feminism
Kati Morton – Mental health education
Kimberly Clark – drag performer
Marinashutup – feminism
Marine Janine – veganism, social justice
Meghan Tonjes – body positivity
Milo Stewart – trans activist
MTV Decoded –  social justice ft. pop culture
Neonfiona – lgbtq
Novara Media – media about politics
Olave Talks! – radical intersectional conversations
Philogynoir – black feminism
Riley J. Dennis – LGBTQ rights Feminism
Rowan Ellis – lgbt rights, visual essays
Sexplanations – sex ed
Sensei Aishitemasu – black feminist anti-racism activism
Stef Sanjati – trans activist
Stuff mom never told you – feminism
StyleLikeU – radical self-acceptance
Tariks – gender studies, German
TirsaTalks – mental health awareness, feminism
Unapologetically Bria Bea – LGBTQ+ black, feminim
Unicorn Riot – alternative media, art and culture
UppercaseCHASE1 – about transitioning and more