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Is is a selection of useful websites, informative video’s and local activists vlogs. If you have anything to add don’t hesitate to contact

Help & Support

The Feminist Club Amsterdam is a large feminist network based in Amsterdam. After being contacted regularly by people seeking for help, support or information in cases of violence, discrimination etc, they have made a list of institutions that might help.
The Feminist Club Amsterdam – Useful Websites

Olave Talks!

Olave Nduwanje is an amazing local activist, writer, politician, artist. From her experiences as an activist, black, vegan, non-binary, neuro a-typical, queer trans femme, she has been in conversations with many other inspiring local and global activist on intersectional issues. In Olave Talks!, these conversations are recorded. In Olave Explains!, she explains the meaning of words that are used in the social justice fight.

Recommended Youtubers

Feminists from the TU Delft Feminists and Feminist Club Amsterdam shared names of their favorite youtubers. Check it out!

by TU Delft Feminists

Some of our events will been recorded and people from the community vlog themselves too. We try to collect these videos here.